In this age of Information Technology, electronic crimes associated with theft and manipulations of data are detected daily. Serious and deadly crimes could actually take place from the Internet. Computer forensics investigations include acquiring, preserving, retrieving, and presenting data that has been processed electronically and stored on computer media as electronic evidence.

We offer specialized services to recover saved, deleted, or erased files and identify incidents of cyber harassment, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, cyber theft, and other Internet related crimes. We perform computer examinations at virtually any physical location, not only in a controlled laboratory setting. We produce direct information and data that may have significance in a case.

We really concern the high standards of cyber security testing and therefore, use international lab facilities at our forensic lab.


Our areas of digital forensic expertise

Cyberarch’s  digital investigation unit is multi-skilled in both computer and mobile phone examination. It allows us to offer a more flexible approach to working, thus supporting the customer and future forensic developments.

Computer forensics. Let expert technicians retrieve computer and electronic evidence vital to the success of your case.

Mobile phone forensics. Ask us to recover and analyse data stored on mobile phones, SIM cards, PDAs and attached media.

Cell site analysis. We can find geographic locations of mobile phone use through expert analysis and easy-to-understand data.

Questioned documents. Handwriting comparison and signature examination techniques form the basis of traditional questioned document examination.

Imagery/audio forensics. Our imagery/audio team are experts in the use of imagery and audio in the legal context, and provide the widest range of enhancement and analytical products.